Friday, 8 February 2013

The Morning After The Night Before..

After a fitful few hours sleep I had to get up and collect my two children from my parents, but how could I turn up looking like this. By half past eight the following morning my face has coloured up rather spectacularly. I had two hugely swollen eyes, one of which I could barely open, I had a lump on my forehead and another at the back of my head. The left hand side of my face had swollen to at least three times its normal size. My arms and legs were black and blue and my right knee was swollen and really painful and I had difficulty walking.

I managed to get myself together enough to dress etc. When I got down the stairs I found Tony sat on the couch with his head in hands. I do genuinely think that once confronted with his handy work he felt remorse. Not however remorse for me but for himself, for what was still to come. He knew that there was no cover story in the world to hide his actions this time.

He apologised told me that he wished he was dead, he wanted to kill himself. I calmly said "don’t let me stop you". I had my chance now, I had things I wanted to stay and I knew that while he was in this state I could say it ALL without repercussions. My little speech went something like this...

"Look at me look at my face remembered every detail of it. Everything that has ever gone wrong in your life is here in technicolour for the world to see. You’ve taken it all out on me. Remember my face because you wont ever see it again. Oh well actually you will, in court. Now get your stuff and get out of my house"

I then left to collect my children. I realised though that there was no way I could go to my parents I couldn’t risk the children seeing the state of me. I'd go to my brothers. He was in bed. He woke to me stooped over him swollen and so badly bruised it’s a wondered he recognised me. All he could say was "SHIT". As only a brother can he took me downstairs put the kettle on and said "come on you need a fag" Only because of the swelling I couldn’t. My top lip was so severely swollen it touched the end of my nose.
My brother then started to deal with the practicalities. He phoned the parents and explained to my dad that there had been incident, and to come round.

I have only ever seen my dad cry once, at my grandfathers funeral and it’s not something that I dealt with well. He arrived at my brother’s house took one look at me and burst into hysterical sobs and took himself into another room. Once composed he simply said "enoughs enough we're going to the police this time, get your coat".

The police took a brief overview and insisted I attend hospital, they would send an officer to me there to take further details. The hospital staff were amazing. They gave me the once over and the took me to a side ward. At this point my dad and brother were asked to leave. I put on a spinal board in a neck brace. They were seriously concerned about my neck in particular because of the force of the blows to my head.

Up until this point my brother had taken great pleasure in taking the mickey out of my new appearance, referring to me as John Merrick (Elephant Man), yes the swelling and lumps and bumps were that bad. When he was allowed to re-enter the room I could hear the nurse explaining that it wasn’t as bad as it looked but they had to be careful, again my brother saw his opportunity for mirth. He however didn’t think it was funny this time. He collapsed all 6'3" of him in a shaking sobbing wreck at the side of me.

I ended up having x-rays, tetanus and hepatitis vaccines, a neck brace and head injury care instructions. I spent the following 5 hours in the police station waiting and giving my statement. My brother stayed the whole time even when he wasn’t allowed in the same room.

The true realisation that it was not just me that was affected suddenly hit home. My dad and brother were broken men, granted only momentarily, but they were. I had yet to see my mum and children.

While I was sat giving my statement my brother had been sat at points in the main reception of the station. While sat chatting but generally minding his own business, he heard a voice that triggered recognition. It was Tony. Tony was turning himself in. I was made aware of this because the officer I was with was notified of Tony’s attendance. Oh My God, my brother. My brother will kill him. Upon seeing my response, my officer radio for support. By this time my brother had coaxed Tony outside and was just working out how to deal with him when 6 officers came racing around the corner grabbed Tony, cuffed him and marched him away.

I would kill for my brother and clearly this is reciprocated, but you know what, Tony isn’t worth it. No-one that can do this is worth a decent loving human being lowering themselves.

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