Friday, 1 February 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For...

So I've already admitted to my cowardice haven't I, ending the relationship while hiding behind my brother. Like I said it worked, I got away with my girls and in one piece.

As Tony had other children that were with us at the time the relationship ended, I agreed that he could stay in my house for a couple of weeks to enable him time to find somewhere else. I had places to go they didnt. I thought at the time I was being reasonable and trying to be amicable.

I'm at my brothers and the texts started continually. He loved me, he missed me, how could I break up this happy loving family. Telling me what song was on the radio and how it reminded him of me. Suddenly all the little jobs in the house started to be done. He even ordered tonnes of sand, soil etc for the garden. Huge magnanimus gestures, he would have a vasectomy, ridiculous things that he clearly thought would sway me and have me begging him to take me back.

Needless to say it didn't work. I dont know were I managed to find the strength but I did and I stood by decision. My friends would ring and say "You home then?" and they were shocked when I said no. I remember one girl saying "wow you're serious this time aren't you".

Tony was dragging his feet and making excuse after excuse why he couldn't move out. I finally lost my temper and said he had until the weekend, which actually gave him 48hours to vacate. Oddly he agreed. Told me he was going to Spain. He'd be gone by the following teatime. Fantastic.

 I came home to find that he had sold just about everything that wasn't nailed down. Cd's, dvd's, games consoles and much much more. None of which were his. Its just stuff, it can be replaced. At least he's gone. I changed the locks though just to be sure that if he did show up he couldn't get in.

It was all going the way I wanted. Not only had I successfully ended the relationship he was actually going to live in another country, can things get any better. No they just got a whole heap worse.

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  1. You're one brave lady putting this out there.
    I can relate to some of your story, albeit a long time ago.